Date Archive - August 2013

Unique puzzle pieces

This week we continued sharing our unique personalities through a jigsaw puzzle project. Each student brings his or her own creativity to class, and together we become finished puzzle. We also reviewed the color wheel and learned about all of the different families of colors! We had a GREAT week!

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Moving and Grooving!

We have been on the move this week! The sign for everyday this week has been about some form of movement – walk, run, jump, and stop. We are learning that jumping and running are only for outside but we can walk anywhere. It is very important we know how to stop too since safety is always our priority. We explored a lot of our jobs too. Ms. Susan shows…

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Red rod construction

                                                      Dev  and his red rod construction work!

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Character portraits from Island:Shipwreck

Literature Circle groups worked cooperatively today to create life-size character portraits surrounded by adjectives and phrases from the book, ISLAND: SHIPWRECK. In addition to the benefits provided by team challenge experiences, students engaged in meaningful discussions about the characters and scoured their books for specific details.

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