Independence in Montessori

As our upper elementary and middle school students return from their annual, week long, overnight field trip, I am always grateful for this opportunity for our children.

One of the unique components of an independent school education is our ability to offer these unique experiences that build independence in a safe environment. As our students grow and mature, they face these opportunities that allow them to gain confidence in their own personal strength and maturity.

We find as our children grow and mature that time moves so quickly and our children’s high school graduation happens in an extremely short time span. Our job as parents is to prepare them for this day and for them to know deep within that they are fully capable of independence. Learning to leave home and accept personal and social responsibility is one of the many goals of a Montessori education.

Regarding our students, they always come back standing a little taller and seem just a little more mature. To our parents, we know it was a long week away from your child but you gave them a unique opportunity in their development. Dr. Montessori would be so proud of you!





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