Aw, the last week!


As we wrap up the last week of 2013-2014, I just wanted to thank our school community for your support of our children, our faculty and our administration throughout this unique year. 2013-2014 was particularly eventful, with the Multi-Cultural Festival, our SAIS-SACS reaccreditation visit, Grandparents Day, AMS accreditation, Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad, The Hilltop Hustle, The Holiday Shoppe, the science fair, unexpected snow, tornado events, a rainy Art and Music Festival & other exciting activities, like The Amazing Race.

I have been working full-time in a school setting since 1994 and this year will always be remembered with fondness  as it made our community even closer. I don’t think I will ever spend the night again on the floor of my office with a dog, a parrot, over 60 children, families and staff but it made me proud of the supportive group of families we have. As I wish privately for my own weather station to prevent something like that in the future, I  must thank everyone who assisted us, brought food and resources, helped transport children and never blamed us for the unexpected storm that caught all of Birmingham off guard. And, in hindsight…well, believe it or not, we had fun (which I can honestly say now that my back pain from sleeping on the floor is a distant memory).

As our reaccreditation team noted during their visit this spring, we are a supportive, committed group of folks and that is precisely what makes us strong. Our volunteers are on campus daily, whether working in the gardens, listening to young readers, helping with the bees or bringing items for classrooms. We have logged over 2,000 volunteer hours this year and I know this commitment will continue next year as well. Our volunteers include grandparents, aunts, dads and even neighbors. They happily take on most anything we need, from driving on field trips to harnessing a bee swarm and returning it to the hive. Our volunteers and their tasks are too numerous to mention. The support of our community is too strong to even fathom and the love from our educators that make our school so great is too enormous to comprehend. Our community is strong and now, even stronger.

Thank you to everyone for your support and I cannot wait until next year as we finish the fundraising process for our Phase III addition. Even more wonderful things are in our future & in the interim, let’s have a safe and happy summer. Thank you to all of you!

See you soon!



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