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It’s #givingtuesday and we are already half there with the fundraising for our gym floor. If you are interested in helping, regardless of the size of your donation, we’d love your support. Much thanks to those donors who helped us get to our half way point-we’ve just got a little more to go! Donate here:

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Landscaping at HMS

    We wanted to recommend Isaac, who has been helping the school with our new butterfly garden. He also is available for your home. Thank you to Isaac for all your tireless hours of service for our students!

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Construction and Capital Campaign Update

There always seems to be exciting news on campus and in particular, this month there has been a great deal of good news. Our 14th annual fall fundraiser, “Hilltop on the Green” was a smashing success, raising $117,530.00 before expenses. We also received a written commitment from Alagasco that they would fund the cost of running our gas lines at $21,000, provided our new kitchen is built to the same…

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Gym Floor and Construction Update

We are so excited about our Hilltop on the Green fundraiser-it was a great night! We are also  about 1/2 way toward funding our gym floor! Here’s a link to our fundraising page and we’ll roll this out on #givingtuesday!

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