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HMS Alumni Success-Montessori is the Key!

One of the best gifts we give our children is a Montessori education. I continue to witness our Montessori graduates thriving and although they are all unique in their own way, they share a common thread. It is that wonderful love of learning that allows them to be successful in high school, college and the workplace. With each visit from our former students, we see the same sense of purpose,…

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Phase Three is Closer than we Think!

Our capital campaign is growing everyday and many have taken advantage of the naming opportunities that will be associated with the new expansion. To date, we have raised $257,650 in pledges and donations and this week, we kicked off our 2015 Annual Fund with a goal of $40,000. The initial cost of the building is slightly over 3 million dollars and an additional several hundred thousand dollars will be required…

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One Step Closer to Breaking Ground!

We are one step closer to breaking ground on Phase Three! We just received a wonderful $5,000 from the Regions Foundation! Hurrah! Check out our most recent capital campaign graph here or in the foyer by the model: Phase III Donation (4)

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