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Construction/Fundraising Update!

As everyone can see as they drive by the site, our construction is going beautifully thanks to the warm, dry weather and JohnsonKreis Construction. To date, we are happy to report that we are running ahead of schedule and also have not encountered any significant setbacks. During a construction process, a certain percentage of the project has to be set aside for contingencies (like hitting a giant rock!) and so,…

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Results from Student Satisfaction Survey

At Hilltop, we regularly conduct surveys of our stakeholders, new families, children that graduate and even our students. Last week, I had the pleasure of taking our 8th grade students to lunch as a “focus group” to learn more about our middle school needs and help drive our strategic plans for the future. In conjunction with this, I’ve also been in all the classrooms conducting student satisfaction surveys and I…

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Hilltop is 20 today!

Hilltop Montessori School officially turns 20 today and we are so thrilled to think about how far we’ve come. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of Hilltop since 1998 and it’s truly amazing what can be accomplished when your heart is in the right place. I remember so much about our progress but more importantly, I am so excited about our future. We love you, Hilltop! Thank you…

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Construction Update

  We are so excited about the plans that are coming together on our Phase Three changes! Shelby County has our plans now and we are hoping that permitting will be ready soon! Once construction starts, we will be working closely with JohnsonKreis Construction to keep our little ones safe and keep carpool running smoothly with all the construction. JohnsonKreis has worked with us before and are experienced professionals about…

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HMS Featured in SAIS Article on Outdoor Environments

              With such a continuing emphasis on the benefits of play and its importance to the learning process, we are thrilled to be featured in this SAIS article:

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