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Strategic Planning-Important for any Accredited School

Hilltop continues to push forward with our strategic initiatives in conjunction with our two year progress report to The Southern Association of Independent Schools. While much of our goals for the future center around the phase three expansion, we also have many other tasks that are being completed in the background. For example, the faculty education committee has been working diligently behind the scenes to update our technology plan, schedule…

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Growth and Change

Hilltop will be so fortunate next fall to celebrate its 20th birthday and the completion of our Phase Three Expansion. It’s an exciting time at Hilltop and we are proud to be able to offer an even nicer learning environment for our students. We might be biased but we think we have the best kids in Birmingham and we know that they deserve the very best! For most of us,…

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Montessori and Competition

Although there is a need in the Montessori classroom to delay competition and focus primarily on encouraging the student to compete within themselves to do their very best, as students grow and mature, they are faced with competition. At Hilltop, we work toward the goal of offering more competitive activities for the students as they are ready. For example, our annual science fair has a “competition room” for ready 5-8th…

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Celebrate the Season in the Montessori classroom

The Montessori classrooms are always especially beautiful during the winter months. The philosophy that we address each child individually permits the practice of honoring various customs and traditions at this time of the year. We have a variety of beliefs at Hilltop among our student body and we embrace them all. Some of our children believe elves come alive at night and have mischievous adventures, some believe in 8 nights…

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Construction and Capital Campaign Update

There always seems to be exciting news on campus and in particular, this month there has been a great deal of good news. Our 14th annual fall fundraiser, “Hilltop on the Green” was a smashing success, raising $117,530.00 before expenses. We also received a written commitment from Alagasco that they would fund the cost of running our gas lines at $21,000, provided our new kitchen is built to the same…

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