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Our Self Study

In conjunction with each re-accreditation visit, independent schools are asked to complete a self-study, which includes a school profile and strategic initiatives for the future. I am pleased to say that our self study is now complete and we look forward to our April SAIS-SACS-AMS visit, where the team will examine our self-study and make commendations, as well as recommendations, of where we need to focus ourselves for the future.…

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Another Amazing Week

Wow. As we wrap up another exciting week at HMS, I am continually amazed at our accomplishments and the many abilities of our children. This week began with a feature story on the news and ended with “Donuts with Dad”, which always captures our hearts. Seeing our dads so eagerly participating in their child’s education is such a joy and we really embrace the fact that we often have other…

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HMS Community

I am still amazed with the cooperation and hard work of our staff during the recent snow. Although the weather was so unexpected and caught everyone off guard in the entire Birmingham area, it was certainly a smooth experience at the school. The teachers worked tirelessly into the night, caring for all the children and some carried this strength up for two nights until all the children were picked up.…

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The Annual Fund 2014-Why it Matters

For those not familiar with development in non-profit corporations and private schools in particular, the annual giving program is always a source of confusion. Parents that are new to independent schools question how their simple participation in an annual giving program will enhance the school’s programming, particularly when they might just be able to write a $10 check. They also question how a small amount can truly impact the school…

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Accreditation Update

Hilltop is anxiously looking forward to our re-accreditation visit in April. SAIS/SACS will send three noted and experienced independent school administrators and the American Montessori Society is sending two leaders in the field of Montessori education. They will examine our practices and methods from an in-depth point of view, evaluate our self study and make recommendations in shaping our future, our current action plan and strategic initiatives. The team will…

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