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Home Depot $300 Award!

Apparently, the Home Depot in Inverness had a holiday contest with an “Elf on a Shelf” and thanks to the participation of many of our families, Hilltop Montessori won the contest! The school is excited to receive $300 of our choice in merchandise. Thank you to all of our families that participated & thank you to Home Depot!

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Parent Teacher Community Updates for 2015

We have many wonderful Parent Teacher Community Events planned for 2015. Starting in January on the 13th at 6:00 p.m., the film “Race to Nowhere” will be shown, along with a healthy dinner and babysitting. In February and March, we will also be planning some community seminars/informational talks and in April, we will have our annual Art and Music Festival. Because the school community has grown so large and so…

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Minutes from 12/12/14 Faculty Meeting

We hope everyone enjoys reading the minutes from the faculty meetings as another way to stay informed. We will be adding the minutes to the PTO blog, in addition to the already posted minutes from the PTO meetings. Here is the link for the minutes from Faculty12:12:14

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Past, Present and Future PTO Meeting Minutes

1.  Introductions of Cindi, Michele and Carol. 2. Cindi — Why I started the school and The first two years:  Cindi was compelled to start a Montessori school for her youngest daughter, and went out on a limb by paying for the first classroom set up on a personal credit card.  The classroom was in a church, and she quickly outgrew the space after only 2 years.  During those two…

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Teacher Appreciation/Stock the Gardens Day Wish List

  We are so thrilled about teacher appreciation week coming up this week. The very first day of teacher appreciation week will be “Stock the Hilltop Gardens Day” and because we know some folks are really that organized and/or like to look for things in advance, here’s the list of needs for the gardens that day, courtesy of Cindi Stehr! 1. Seeds: We prefer organic seeds and are looking for…

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