Extracurricular Activities



Hilltop students (from toddlers through eighth grade) receive daily instruction in Spanish, physical education, music and art as part of the regular curriculum. Students at the elementary level also receive regular computer and technology instruction with a focus on technology as a tool for research, presentation and publication (see the school’s technology plan under curriculum). Students in our upper elementary receive robotics, in addition to other technology.

Hilltop also offers a range of extracurricular activities outside of the regular curriculum, including the activities listed below.

List of Extracurricular activities:

The Knight School-Ages range from kindergarten through 8th grade, contact information is www.knightschool.com, David Brooks, Ph.D.

Bricks 4 Kidz-Ages range from first through fifth grade, www.bricks4kidz.com/hoover, contact is Joy Wade.

Private Chinese Lessons for elementary aged students-Meets after school on Tuesdays, contact melanie@hilltopmontessori.com

Lifelabs-thelifelabs.com meets after school on Mondays. Contact Life Labs at 908-6335 or info@thelifelabs.com for more information.

Kindergarten & Elementary Private Art Lessons-ages range from elementary to middle school, contact is Ona Gribben and/or Anna Clare Culp.

Ukulele Club-Learn how to play the ukulele with your friends, open to kindergarten through elementary, contact is  through the front office.

After school percussion-Ages range from elementary to middle school, contact is Derek Kluz through the HMS office.

Private Piano-Ages range from 4 to 14, contact Derek Kluz (piano), Ann Giambrone (piano) through the HMS office.

The school also offers academic competitions at age appropriate levels for those students who choose to participate: spelling bee, chess competitions, geography bee, music competitions and participation in a non judged and optional judged science fair, olympics field day and art/music festival.