Hilltop Panorama Gym

Hilltop Montessori School is beginning the fundraising process for the Phase Three addition to our LEED rated green school.  The final expansion of our campus will enhance our learning environments with a media center, science lab, a community teaching kitchen, a gymnasium and a unique classroom area for our adolescent program. Naming opportunities are available for rooms and the building itself; contact our development office at (205) 437-9343 for additional information. A summary of naming opportunities is listed below and donations are tax deductible. A press release about our project is available here: PressRelease.

Gymnasium                                                $500,000

Teaching/Community Kitchen           $500,000

Science Lab                                                 $50,000

Gardening Program/Edible                 $20,000

Classrooms                                                 $20,000

Walkway                                                       $10,000

Apiary/Honey bee Program                  $10,000

Bioswale Butterfly Garden                     $5,000

Donor Wall                                                  $1,000/$500