Hilltop Montessori School’s third and final expansion will enhance our campus so that our LEED rated green school will be complete, offering all the amenities necessary to address the whole child: academically, socially and emotionally. This expansion is vital to our mission and our vision for the future-to be the premier Montessori school in the South graduating students that are prepared for the 21st century. To see a complete brochure of our project, click here: phase three brochure. For further schematics of the plans, click here: Schematic Sketchup Views. A copy of our new landscaping is available here: WBAA-1401_Hilltop PhIII_schematic_150413

To donate to our Phase Three Expansion click here:


As we begin our capital campaign, we are asking our entire community  to join us to make a commitment toward our student’s future. With new construction, as well as renovations to the current facility, Hilltop Montessori School will be permitted to offer:

 The Mt Laurel Community Center and Gymnasium
A junior high sized gymnasium, complete with a stage and theater for community performances will comprise a large section of the newest area. Ample, backstage room and a music percussion room will give each learner the opportunity to practice and perform, privately and publicly.  The day-lit space will be available during the school day for physical education classes while providing a venue for night, holidays, weekends and summer for the surrounding community to utilize.
Teaching Kitchen and Healthy Lunches
A complete kitchen that will offer local, fresh lunches, as well as an area for hands-on, practical living for participants will complement the expansion. With lunches prepared from our school’s gardens, and other gardens within the Birmingham area, our students will dine on healthy and nutritious offerings for their lunch. The teaching kitchen will also be used as an event space on nights, weekends, summers and holidays for the community.
Science Laboratory
Intimate and small, a science laboratory will be added to the current facility for students in grades 1 through 8 to accompany their studies of biology, chemistry, physics and other aspects of the Montessori science curriculum as a compliment to the classrooms.
Media Center/Adolescent Study Areas
With simple renovations to the current facility, a media center will be added, which will include a private area for individual lessons and work, as well as spaces for individual research and collaborative learning.
Additional Classrooms
Renovations to the current facility will include the addition of toddler, preschool and lower elementary classrooms.
Dedicated Art Studio and Veranda
The new expansion will host an additional classroom, solely for the purpose of art instruction in an open air design, offering a veranda for outside artistic endeavors.
A summary of naming opportunities is listed below and donations are tax deductible. A press release about our project is available here: PressRelease. Contact our development office at (205) 437-9343 for additional information. Here are the areas that are still available for naming:

Gymnasium/Community Center            $500,000

Teaching Kitchen                                       $500,000

Classrooms                                                 $20,000

Walkway                                                     $10,000

Donor Wall                                                 $1,000/$500 (some have sold, some are still available)

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