School Calendar

Category: Hilltop Weekly Schedule for Feb. 18 to 22

February 19, 2013
1:07 am 2:07 am

Feb.18 to Feb. 22 Shellie and Ms. Suzanne

Monday: no school
Tuesday: Adam
Wednesday: Jaina
Thursday: Chloe
Friday: Alia

Please have your child bring something educational for share. Some suggestions are books, nature stuff, and educational toy or something related to our unit of study.

Topics of the week: Cooking for the school: Deep Roots Gardening
Trinomial cube
Listening to Readers
Please arrive by 9:15 am

Feb. 21 Elana Swiney
Feb. 26 Judy Morris
March 5 Heather Brooks
March 7 Shelly Senick
March 12 Elana Swiney
March 14 Matt Andrews

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