Technology Plan

You may wish to read our 2013 Technology Plan to get a better understanding of our Technology Curriculum. It should also be noted that the school’s Education Committee is working on a new plan this year as technology is an ever-changing world. The school currently uses a technology curriculum that involves children as young as six in the active integration of technology into the Montessori classroom. The 6 year old child is able to create Powerpoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, write/edit their own stories and master keyboarding. Each 1-6th grade classroom has their own Smartboard and the school has over 20 desk & laptops and 10 i-Pads for student use. The students are also permitted to bring their laptops from home for the purposes of work and as one tours the 1-8th grade, technology is readily available and actively being used. Future plans in conjunction with our Phase Three Addition include a Multi-Media Studio and a library where technology will be integrated as a research tool for students in first grade and above. The purposeful integration of technology into the elementary grades is aligned with our state standards but also addressed as a necessity for our accreditation standards. Preparing students for the 21st century is foremost in our strategic initiatives and embraced in Montessori is an “aid to life.”